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We Ship Worldwide

We are YOUR rock source! We have rocks and boulders of all shapes and sizes. We will ship boulders anywhere. Our larger boulders are strapped and cabled to minimize scarring during shipment. We have the equipment to handle any size project.

CAC harvests mountain granite from steep mountain terrain in Haywood County and turns otherwise unusable land into usable home sites. "We sell locally and export rock for use in construction, but we specialize in landscape boulders and specialty rocks for use as entrance signage for upscale developments." Said Burton Edwards.

We Stock & Supply:

Unlike traditional quarries which leave huge unusable, unsightly scars on the earth; Boulder harvests mountain granite from steep terrain in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina and turns otherwise unusable land into usable home sites.

If your interested in enhancing your property’s natural beauty, our boulders are the solution for you. Caroline-A-Contracting sells a wide range of landscaping boulders that are affordable, and can be delivered right to your door. Our boulders are perfect for retaining walls, waterfalls, or just a simple design. We have many types and sizes suited to your taste. The boulders natural stability will last a lifetime.

Wholesale Pricing Available for Landscapers


We stock everything from local gravel, river rock & mountain granite to 10 ton boulders at our location on Highway 19 at the entrance to Maggie Valley, NC. We specialize in landscape boulders from small (up to 250 pound) to large (250 pound to 10 ton) and specialty rocks such as step rocks, sign rocks and rocks for bridges over water gardens.

You may come to our rock yard and haul it yourself or we can arrange to have it delivered. No matter what your needs, large or small we can handle it.

The following is a partial list of our inventory. If you don't see what you need, give us a call, if we don't have it in stock, we'll go to our quarry and get it.

Landscape Boulders

Our small landscape boulders are from 50 to 250 pounds. We specialize in larger boulders from 250 pounds to 10 tons.


River Rock

River Rock is available in sizes from 3-6 inches, 6-10 inches, and 10-16 inches. Let us know what you need.


Mountain Blend Stack

Mixed Pallet of Stack rock. Sized from 1 to 4 inches thick, various lengths and widths. Consists of light brown, dove gray & a slightly pinkish color all mixed together. Splits easily. Approximately 1.2 tons on a pallet

Mountain Gray Steppers

Light & dark gray in color, these are from 2 to 4 inches thick by various widths and lengths. Used for walkways, retaining walls, dry stack rockwork and anywhere thin layers are needed for aesthetics and support.


Wallstone rocks are from 4 to 10 inches thick. They are irregular in shape. They are used for building walls, as stepping stones, and small water features.

Step Rocks

We stock virtually any size step rocks your project could need. If we don't have it in our rock yard, you can be assured that we have it in our rock bars.


River Pea Gravel is stocked in ½ to 1" gravel. (Great for walkways!) and 1 - 3 inch river rock mix. Use as mulch, to fill in between larger river rock in ponds or for walkways.

Specialized Rocks

Whether you want bench rocks, Z-bar rocks or have something special in mind, we can help.

Rock Carving

You submit a picture, poem or idea; specify what size rock and our artists will carve your design or text into a boulder. For a permanent street name, family name stone, monument sign or permanent land marker, rock carving is a unique solution.

"The Preserve at Jonathan Creek" Sign Rock - Case Study

This slab of mountain granite was unearthed on one of our rock bars. It was approximately 4 feet tall by 17 feet wide and 18" thick. A local Architect selected it to be the entrance sign for a new upscale development. The rock was transported off the mountain to our shop where it was pressure washed. A stencil was created and we sandblasted the letters into the rock. A Boulder wall was created and a footer was prepared at the entrance to the development. Holes were drilled into the rock and one inch steel rods were inserted. A concrete riser was formed and poured locking the steel rods, the riser and rock together. The rock was then transported to the site. A crane lifted the rock and riser into position and a third concrete pour locked the riser and footer together. Finally the letters will be painted hunter green for contrast.

*Boulders are available up to 10 tons in size.


Interested? We have more sign rocks ready for your project.

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