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Excavating & Construction Services


Caroline-A-Contracting offers a full line of Excavating Services including but not limited to:

Grading / Excavation / Road Building

We will cut and fill the existing natural materials to reach desired grade.

Lot Development / Leveling / Clearing

Removal of trees, vegetation and roots.


Houses, Barnes, Garages, Sheds, Driveways, Parking Lots, and Various Buildings.

Erosion Control / Drainage

Installation of materials designed to reduce or eliminate the environmental impact of site development. We will install storm pipes, structures, and bedding to properly control and direct runoff. We will install retaining walls of any magnitude from proper engineered planning if necessary.

Water / Sewer

Installation of residential an commercial water and sewer.


Dirt, Stone and debris hauled or moved.

Field Investigation

Failures of graded sites Analysis of ground movement or slope failure causes Determination of relative contribution of factors controlling settlement or slope failure.

Emergency Response

Evaluation of slope failure hazards and damage to buildings and structures Analysis of dam and levees performance and failure.

Development of Conceptual Repair

Recommendations In-house geotechnical laboratory testing for measuring engineering properties of fill and natural soil, including expansivity and hydrocollapse potential.

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