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Tub Grinding | North Carolina | Asheville

We offer several different size tub grinders for any project

Grinding is beneficial in a variety of ways:

Boulders and Rocks | North Carolina | Waynesville | Asheville

If your interested in enhancing your property’s natural beauty, our boulders are the solution for you.

Caroline-A-Contracting sells a wide range of landscaping boulders that are affordable, and can be delivered right to your door. Our boulders are perfect for retaining walls, waterfalls, or just a simple design. We have many types and sizes suited to your taste. The boulders natural stability will last a lifetime.

When a lot of people think about landscaping, they may think about trees, shrubs, and various plants. One element that really stands out is rocks and boulders to provide beauty and grace to your outdoor setting. The boulders compliment anything that surrounds them.

Wholesale Pricing Available for Landscapers

Tree Removal | North Carolina | Waynesville | Asheville

Caroline-A-Contracting offers a State-of-the-Art Tree Cutting Device we designed and built that speeds up production exponentially.

Our mass tree cleanup system is much more efficient using our technology and methodology. We at CAC take great pride in providing expert mass tree removal service to the groups we serve. We have over a decade of experience in this industry. During this time our tree removal teams have successfully completed the most challenging jobs all over North Carolina and surrounding States.
Our portfolio includes jobs ranging from the Blue Ridge Parkway tree clearing project to the landslide on the Gorge to the Alabama storm cleanups.

No job is too large for Caroline A Contracting.

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  • Grinding is a better alternative to burning or burying and is more environmentally friendly.
  • Instead of burying or dumping your debris, you can grind it into mulch and benefit the environment.
  • Reduces compaction from the impact of heavy rains.
  • Maintains soil moisture, which minimizes the need for watering.
  • Reducing the growth and germination of weeds.
  • Blankets the soil by keeping the temperature warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

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