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Waterfall Man | Waterfalls by Burton Edwards

Waterfall Design & Outdoor Waterfall Fountain Construction | Waynesville, Asheville, Sylva, NC

Burton Edwards, designer and owner of Caroline-A-Contracting, specializes in water features including:

  • Natural Waterfall Design
  • Natural Waterfall Construction
  • Streams
  • Ponds
  • Creeks

CAC offers natural waterfall design and construction in North Carolina and surrounding states.

You imagine it, we make it

Simply put, Burton Edwards creates waterfalls, all sizes, shapes and, as Burton says "moods," and usually where Mother Nature did not intend them to be. "You can determine the atmosphere of a waterfall with the rate of water flow or volume," he explains, "and also by the rate and distance the water falls. Some prefer a cascading stream while others want to see and hear the water drop.

The Process

The process of building a water feature begins with an interview to determine the mood, and then the site is inspected to see what's possible. Sketches are provided for approval and the building process can take several weeks depending upon the scope of the project. Burton has designed and created waterfalls from Florida to West Virginia, with a large portfolio within Western North Carolina. His water projects have included creek beds, streams, ponds and of course waterfalls.

All natural materials are utilized, the primary item being large rocks and boulders. Mountain granite is the choice of materials because of its availability, but moving large boulders that may weigh several tons each is the primary expense in this building process. Other items used in construction are heavy duty commercial pumps capable of moving thousands of gallons of water per hour, and two layers of pond liners to assure no water leakage. "We don't lose water through evaporation, but a dime size hole in a liner can drain a pond overnight." So the placing of the rocks is done very carefully in order not to create a leak.

"The artistic side of building a waterfall is to make it look like it was not built at all," he says. Burton considers himself an artist, and blending his water features with the natural environment is a challenge that he takes seriously. "If it doesn't look natural, it doesn't work."

We Do It All

Aging helps the process. As grass, bushes, and trees grow around a constructed waterfall, it takes on a more natural appearance. Burton handles all aspects of the waterfall construction from initial design to landscaping to even putting fish in the pond. "Waterfalls are very emotional; when you build someone a house, you get a handshake, build them a waterfall and they invite you to Christmas dinner."

We have designed and created waterfalls close and far, and if the conditions are met, we are happy to travel to build yours.

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